When I was about 10 years old my mother brought home a family tree that a relative (Bruno Cohn who later went by Bruce Carter) had gotten out of Germany, taken with him to South America, and later brought to Los Angeles when he immigrated to the U.S.  The family tree had been drawn in 1905 and was of the Jacobi and Witkowski families from Bromberg, Germany.  Bromberg is now called Bydgoszcz and is part of Poland.  It lies about halfway between Berlin and Warsaw (see MAP).  The tree is centered around the marriage of Jakob Jacobi and Friederike Witkowski, which took place in 1810.  The left side of the tree is Jakob’s family (JACOBI), which I am part of, while the right side is Friederike’s family (WITKOWSKI) and her “step-family” (ALEXANDER).  The top part of the tree are the descendants of Jakob and Friederike and their fifteen (!!!) children.

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  1. LEVY

  2. Mirjam LEVY & Levin JACOBI (Leib Brjak)

    The children of Mirjam LEVY and Levin JACOBI are listed below.  Their descendants are found on the JACOBI I page, HERE (except for the descendants of Jakob Levin JACOBI and Friederike Juda WITKOWSKI, who are on a separate page HERE).

  1. -Alexander JACOBI & Bertha SIMON

  2. -Emanuel Levin JACOBI* & Pauline BRY (?)

  3. -Emanuel Levin JACOBI* & Minna COHN

  4. -Meyer Levin JACOBI & Mirjam SIMON

  5. -Bär Levin JACOBI & Sarah LEBENHEIM

  6. -Itzig JACOBI

  7. -Johanna JACOBI & Leon JACOBSOHN

  8. -Jakob Levin JACOBI (2 January 1786 - 22 November 1847) & Friederike Juda WITKOWSKI (14 June 1780 - 7 February 1876)

The children of Jakob Levin JACOBI and Friederike Juda WITKOWSKI are shown below.  They and their descendants are                         found on the JACOBI II page, HERE.

  1. JACOBI (died as baby)

  2. Arnold JACOBI

  3. Hermann JACOBI

  4. Julius JACOBI

  5. Ernestine JACOBI

  6. Charlotte JACOBI

  7. Louis JACOBI

  8. Marcus JACOBI

  9. Bertha JACOBI

  10. Marie JACOBI

  11. Dorothea JACOBI

  12. Amalie JACOBI

  13. Adolf JACOBI

  14. Eva JACOBI

  15. Ottilie JACOBI

  16. Abraham LEVY & Minna

  17. -Zore LEVY & Benjamin PROCHOWNIK

  18. -Ernestine LEVY & Simon PEGLAU

  19. Isidor PEGLAU & Sarah ANGRESS

  20. -Philipp LEVY & Selma HANAU

  21. Minna LEVY & Hermann LÖWINSOHN

  22. -Heymann LEVY

  1. Mortje WITKOWSKI

      Mortje Witkowski had five children: Jacob Juda, Zore, Marcus Israel, Süßkind, and Aron.  The descendants of all of them except those of his granddaughter, Friederike, are found on the WITKOWSKI page, HERE.  The descendants of Jacob Juda’s son, Salomon, are shown below (as well as on the WITKOWSKI page), those of Jacob Juda’s daughter, Friederike, are shown on the JACOBI II page, HERE.

  1. Jakob Juda WITKOWSKI & Gütel

      Jakob Juda WITKOWSKI & Gütel (family name not known) had two children, Frederike and Salomon.  Salomon had the second name of MARCUSI; his descendants are shown below.  Friederike married Jakob Levin JACOBI, shown in the section above together with their children. Their descendants are on the JACOBI II page, HERE.

  1. -Friederike Juda WITKOWSKI (14 June 1780 - 7 February 1876) & Jakob Levin JACOBI (2 January 1786 - 22 November 1847)

  2. -Salomon MARCUSI & Mirjam LEBENHEIM

  3. Manuel MARCUSI

  4. Julius MARCUSI

  5. Aron MARCUSI

  6. Johanna MARCUSI & Emanuel GRÜNBAUM

  7. Sally GRÜNBAUM


  9. Ernestine MARCUSI & Moritz ENGLÄNDER

  10. Jakob MARCUSI

  11. Amalie MARCUSI

  12. Moritz MARCUSI

  13. Salomon MARCUSI

(ALEXANDER & Gütel     )

    Gütel married a second time to ALEXANDER (first name not known).  Their children are listed below and their descendants are found on the ALEXANDER page, HERE.

  1. -Susanne ALEXANDER & Henoch SCHRIMMER

  2. -Moritz ALEXANDER & Rosalie HERRMANN

  3. -Amalie ALEXANDER & Leib KONICKI

  4. -Hodes ALEXANDER & Ephraim ROSENBERG

  5. -Johanna ALEXANDER & Moses JACOBSOHN

  6. Zore WITKOWSKI & Jacob LEVY

  7. Marcus Israel WITKOWSKI &Henriette LATZ

  8. Süßkind WITKOWSKI & Jette LÖWENTHAL

  9. Aron WITKOWSKI & Henriette

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