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Bromberg, now Bydgoszcz, Poland

Hometown of Jacobi family


Capital of Germany.  Where many members of the Luft, Eisenstädt and many of the other families lived in the pre-WWII years.

Stuhm, now Sztum, Poland

Hometown of the Eisenstädt family.

Krojanke, now Krajenke, Poland

Hometown of the Luft family. Flatow/Zlotow, where they also lived, is just north of it.

Beuthen, now Bytom, Poland

Home of the Sorauer family

Breslau, now Wroclaw, Poland

Home of various family members

Pitchen, now Byczyna, Poland

Home of Pinkus Mühsam

Zülz, now Biala, Poland

The Pappenheims lived here before Pitchen.

On this page are maps of the towns where the various branches of my family came from. This page contains places in what was the eastern part of Germany, and is now generally in Poland.  For locations in western Germany, see THIS page.

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Witkowo, Poland

Home of the Witkowski family