My Early Life in Germany and Sweden

by Paul L. Kester


In 1988 Paul Kester wrote about his childhood in Germany. Ten years later he continued writing his story, writing about his first years in Sweden, 1939-42. In 2013 he wrote a third section, continuing through his immigration to the U.S. in 1948.

This year (2013) the memoirs have been published in book form, as Memories, My Early Life in Germany and Sweden.

From the back cover:

“I was seven years old when Hitler came to power,” writes Paul Kester.

In these recollections he tells about how the events of 1930s Germany affected him and his family, as seen through the eyes of a young Jewish boy. His story continues with his escape to Sweden, where he spent the war years, and his eventual immigration to the United States.


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Getting a Copy of the Book (English edition)

If you are in Los Angeles (and know Paul) ask him for a copy (maybe he’ll even sign it for you!)

If you are in Buffalo, ask Daniel or Gunilla.


The book can be ordered from In the U.S. click HERE. If you are in Europe, click HERE for the German or HERE for the British It is also available from the printer,, HERE. The cost from Lulu is $8 plus about $4 shipping (to the U.S.; to Europe is more).

Paul Kester’s memoirs



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Jetzt auf Deutsch!!! (Now in German!)

Das Buch ist jetzt auch auf Deutsch (rechts). Sie konnen das Buch bestellen von Aktives Museum Spiegelgasse in Wiesbaden HIER.