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  Who’s who.  Detailed information below

  1. 1.  Walter Baum

  2. 2.  Jakob Baum

  3. 3.  David Neu

  4. 4.  Berta Baum

  5. 5.  Mathilde Neu

  6. 6.  Emilie Baum

  7. 7.  Siegfried Baum

  8. 8.  Liesel Baum

  9. 9.  Son of Albert and Betty

  10. 10.  Minna Baum

  11. 11.  Johanna Baum

  12. 12.  Albert Baum

  13. 13.  Ernst or Alfred Neu

  14. 14.  Seligmann Baum

  15. 15.  Änne Baum

  16. 16.  Martha Baum

  17. 17.  Trudel Baum

  18. 18.  Son of Albert and Betty

  19. 19.  Moritz Baum

  20. 20.  Betty Baum

  21. 21.  Irma Baum

  22. 22.  Siegfried Neu

  23. 23.  Albert Mayer

  24. 24.  Ernst Baum

Photograph of Baum Family taken in 1916 on occasion of 80th birthday of Seligmann Baum

G1= first generation=Seligmann Baum

G2= second generation= children of Seligmann and their spouses.

G3 = third generation = grandchildren of Seligmann

1.Walter Baum.  G3.   Son of Moritz (19) and Martha (16) Baum.  Came to the USA in 1920’s.  Had four wives; had two daughters with his third wife.  The daughters, Janet and Alice, live in the USA.  Walter died in 1987.

2.Jakob Baum.  G2.  Seligmann’s youngest son.  He and his wife, Berta (4), emigrated to Paraguay.  Probably went to Argentina.

3.David Neu.  G2.  Husband of Mathilde Neu (5).  Died of heart disease in 1934.

4.Berta Baum.  G2.  Jakob Baum’s (2) wife.

5.Mathilde Neu.  G2.  Daughter of Seligmann.  Killed in Auschwitz in 1944.

6.Emilie Baum.  G2.  Wife of Siegfried Baum (7).  Died in 1944 in the ghetto/concentration camp Theresienstadt at age of 68.

7.Siegfried Baum.  G2.  Seligmann’s second son.  Merchant and owner of retail store (children’s clothing) in Wiesbaden.  Member of City Council and Board of Education.  Died of cancer at age 66 in 1935.

8.Liesel Baum.  G3.  Daughter of Jakob and Bertha Baum ( 2 and 4).  Emigrated to Paraguay in 1935. Married Kurt Beissinger. Their children, Pedro and Ruth, and their grandchildren still live there.

9.Son of Albert and Betty.  One of Albert and Betty’s sons emigrated to South America, the other to Israel.

10.Minna Baum. G2.  Wife of Albert Baum (12).  Survived WWII in Southern France.  Died in 1947 in Strasbourg, France.

11.Johanna Baum (Kleinstrass).  G3.  Daughter of Siegfried (7) and Emilie (6) Baum.  Married Albert Kleinstrass in 1921.  Killed in Auschwitz 1943 together with Albert.  Had children Paul (1925-) and Helen (1923-1999).  Paul and Helen both got out of Germany and settled in Los Angeles.  Helen married Max Henlein and had children Dyan and Alan, and three grandchildren.  Paul changed his last name to Kester, married Susanne Luft from Berlin, and had son Daniel and grandchildren Anya and Shiri.

12.Albert Baum.  G2.  Seligmann’s oldest son.  Died in 1943 while hiding underground in southern France.  Married to Minna (10).

13.Ernst or Alfred Neu.  G3.  Son of Mathilde (5) and David Neu (3).  Emigrated to Argentina in 1939.

14.Seligmann Baum.  G1.  1836-1918.  The photograph was taken on the occasion of his 80th birthday.

15.Änne Baum. G3.  Daughter of Albert (12) and Minna (10).  Lived in France, escaped during WWII with husband and daughter, Lilo, to Switzerland.  Died in 1983 in Strasbourgh, France.  Lilo has children Bettina and Francois.

16.Martha Baum.  G2.  Wife of Moritz (19). Went to U.S. before WWII, after the war moved to Los Angeles where she died in 1973 at the age of 94. 

17.Trudel Baum. G3.  Daughter of Jakob and Bertha Baum ( 2 and 4).  Emigrated to Paraguay, and later lived in Argentina. Her grandchildren and great-grandchildren live in Buenos Aires.

18.Son of Albert and Betty.  G3 One of Albert and Betty’s sons emigrated to South America, the other to Israel.

19.Moritz Baum.  G2.  Seligmann’s fourth son.  Died in 1930 from cancer.  Was business partner of Siegfried (7) and married to Martha (16).

20.Betty Baum.  G2.  Daughter of Seligmann.  Died of natural causes in Germany, approximately 1930.  Married to Albert Mayer (23).

21.Irma Baum.  G3.  Daughter of Moritz (19) and Martha (16) Baum.  Died in childbirth in 1936.  Her son, Paul Michael Kornberg, lives with his wife, Susan, in Virginia, USA.  They have two sons, Erich (married to Sarah) and Mark.

22.Siegfried (Sigfrido) Neu. .  G3.  Son of Mathilde (5) and David Neu (3).  Emigrated to Argentina in approximately 1929.  Married Saturnina Fernandez.  Children Alfredo and Maria del Carmen.

23.Albert Mayer  G2.  Husband of Betty Baum.  Emigrated to Palestine.

24.Ernst Baum. G3.  Son of Albert (12) and Minna (10) Baum.  Emigrated to USA in 1920’s.  Died in Chicago approximately 1955.

This photograph was taken in 1916, on the occasion of Seligmann Baum’s 80th birthday, and includes his six children, their spouses, and his grandchildren.  This was during World War I, which is why several of the men are in military uniforms.  A description of who’s who is found under the photograph. A copy of the photo is on display at the Skirball Museum in Los Angeles.

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